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If you are planning to bring succulent to your workplace, you likely wonder if that’s possible, and if you won’t have to buy a new plant every other month, simply because the succulent dies in an office with no windows. Let me get straight to the point here: succulents can survive in an office without windows as long as they get an appropriate light source and water.

I brought a couple of succulents in my office before, and up to this point they are doing well. As always though, things are not as simple as they originally seem. No wonder you want to see your succulents thriving, instead of merely surviving. The questions is whether that’s possible, and how you can achieve it.


Light source is the key for healthy succulent growth in an office

If your office has no windows, and you do not drill a hole in the wall to give sun some point of access, you have to make sure that there is another light source. Remember that succulent plants are native to semi-desert areas. They need a good light source for their healthy growth. A grow light is a great alternative (click here to check my recommended grow light on Amazon), when you find yourself in an office with no windows and no direct or indirect sunlight.

Succulents in Office with No Window

Picking right succulent variety is also essential

Making sure that a succulent plant thrives well indoors involves choosing the right succulent variety. Some plants grow well outdoors and some grow well indoors–and some do both!

So before you bring succulents to your office, make sure that they do well indoors. To such succulents belong Aloe Vera, Echeveria, Crown of Thorns, to name just a few. No doubt when buying a plant you can always see the specification, and whether the succulent does well indoors. Outright outdoor succulents need more light exposure, and they won’t do well in office environment.

Fast draining soil is important because of the office humidity

Soil that absorbs and retains too much moisture and water is not good for succulent plants, especially in the office, where air is often humid, and sun does not help with drying the soil. In such conditions, planting your succulents into the right soil gains utmost importance.

This is because succulents already have stored water in their leaves and stems. When planted in soil that is constantly wet, they will eventually die due to root rot. The perfect soil for succulents is fast-draining soil (click here to check my recommended soil on Amazon). It helps drains the excess water during and retain just enough moisture for your beloved plants.

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Pot with a drainage hole is a must in an office with close windows or no windows

A pot without drainage is dangerous to succulents as it stores water at the bottom. The stored water will then cause root rot, and this can again happen more frequently in an office or another space with no sunlight, since the soil and the water in the saucer won’t simply evaporate.

The combination of the pot with a drainage hole and fast-draining soil keeps the succulent plant safe from over-watering. The excess water will just flow through the drainage hole. Only the needed moisture remains in the pot, and your office succulent will thrive.

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When sun is missing, succulents need artificial light to thrive

At the beginning of this post, I have mentioned the importance of light source for succulent plants. When indoors, the best practice is to place the succulent plant near the window to allow the plant to somehow get the light it needs.

However, if you are growing succulent in an office with no window, you need some sort of alternative light source. For my indoor succulents, I use grow light (check my recommended grow light on Amazon) especially in winter. You can do the same, if it is allowed in your office. Better consult it with your boss, because no doubt a grow light consumes some electricity, and typically someone else pays the bill. Hence it is important to discuss it with your superior. Do not forget to tell them though that succulents impact you positively in your work, and the little extra money they pay for electricity will be compensated for with your higher productivity.   

In my case, the light in my office seemed to be sufficient for the two plants I have them, and I haven’t notice any problems with the plant so far. What I also did was that I replaced the plant with another succulent plant once every month just to have another vibrant living plant on my desk. Maybe it helped my succulents survive in an office, that they weren’t there non-stop, but after a short stint at work with me they returned back to garden, or at least to a place with access to sunlight.


Final words

Growing succulents in an office with no window presents some challenges, especially if you don’t know what you are doing, and what succulents you are growing. But it doesn’t mean that succulents cannot do well in spaces without windows.

What you need to do is to make sure that you provide them appropriate soil, pot, water, and sunlight.Hopefully the information I shared here with you will help you to do so. Good luck, and do not forget to check also my complete guide on succulent growing. Thank you!