About Me

Succulents Grower

Hi, my name is Robinson. For years, I have been growing succulents. As a heart attack survivor, succulents help me feel good every day. But growing these plants is different from other garden plants.

Back when I was started, I only had two succulent plants. Unfortunately, I overwatered them all. So they died eventually. Then I purchased another succulent plant. This time, I had five pots of succulents.

I certainly did not overwater them because I already learned from the previous experience. But I was not aware that exposing them to extreme sunlight can also kill them. In short, sunburned killed them.

Then I started another batch of succulents. This time I was careful and apply everything I learned from my previous mistakes. But even then, I still do commit mistakes along the way. However, I managed to successfully grow most of my succulents today.

On this blog, I share everything I learned from my own journey of growing succulents. I hope this helps especially for those who are just started their succulent garden.