Can Succulents Grow In Small Pots?

Can Succulents Grow in Small Pots
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Do Succulents Like Small Pots

Can succulents grow in small pots? This is one of the most important questions you can ask if you are a beginner in growing succulents. In this post, I will share with you some lessons that I learned along the way.

The beauty about succulents is not only their vibrant colors and cute sizes but also their resilience. They can survive in neglect and drought. They like growing in dry soil and a warm climate.

However, they can be easily affected by the size of the pot. So, can succulents grow in small pots?

They can survive in virtually any condition including any size of pots. Although they grow in small pots, they certainly need appropriate ones as they get bigger. This is because they need space to breathe and grow comfortably.

Succulents will learn to maximize the space they are placed in. This means that they can survive in a small pot. Small pots are even good for small succulent varieties.

However, there are many things you need to take into consideration before you plant succulents in small pots. Also, you should be aware that planting succulents in small pots will affect their growth.

That said, you should know exactly how to prepare succulents for small pots. Below are a few things you should always remember.

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Preparing Succulents for Small Pots

Succulent plants usually have shallow but elaborate roots. This helps them survive in drought and sometimes, neglect.

Placing succulents in small pots can be challenging and tricky. You need to be careful not to murder the root systems and the whole plant.

The key is to implement an effective strategy. Below are the simple steps you might want to consider in transferring succulents into small pots.

  • First, remove the soil from the roots
  • Second, remove some roots if necessary to fit the whole plant in the pot
  • Third, repeat the second step if necessary

When removing some of the roots, use sharp cutting tools or scissors. Remove as many roots until the whole plant fits the small pot. But make sure that you leave enough established roots.

It will help the newly transferred succulents regain growth momentum.

Does Pot Size Affect Succulents’ Growth?

The size of the pot will affect the growth of the succulent plants. Small pot, for instance, can negatively affect the growth momentum of the succulent plants.

If you removed some of their roots, the plants tend to establish growth momentum once again. However, because the pot is new and the space is tight, it takes time for the plant to adjust.

How Fast Do Succulents Grow in a Small Pot?

Because the growth momentum of the newly transferred succulent is distracted, succulents do not grow fast in a small pot. Another factor is the variety. Some succulents have a slow growth pattern.

Thus, if you plant a slow-growing succulent in a small pot, the growth will be slower than other succulent varieties.

When to Move Succulents to Bigger Pot?

When succulents grow bigger, they need to be transferred into a bigger pot. They need more room to breathe and spread.

The sign that a succulent plant should be repotted into the bigger pot is when the roots grow out of the drainage hole of the pot. This can be dangerous to the plant.

The roots could block the drainage hole making the water remain at the bottom of the pot. This will in turn cause root rot. When you see this, repot your succulent before it suffers root rotting.

Choosing the Right Pot for the Succulent Plant

Why is it important to choose the right pot for your succulent plants? Well, as mentioned, the size of the pot will affect the growth of these plants. The roots of the succulent plants can be easily damaged if not growing in an appropriate pot.

Most succulent varieties have two types of roots: hair and taproots. These types of roots grow differently. The hair-type roots grow on the surface that will absorb moisture.

The taproots on the other hand grow toward the lower level of the pot to absorb the moisture retain at the bottom of the pot.

The reason why a small pot will not do well with succulents is that succulent roots will struggle to find moisture. The small pot can only hold a small amount of soil which will in turn retains less moisture.

As a result, succulent plants will struggle to survive in the small pot. Choosing the bigger pot is not always helpful to the succulents either. The truth is that large pots do not encourage healthy growth.

The perfect size of the pot is the one that allows the root system of the succulent to reach all sides of the pot. This will help succulent gain healthy growth.

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How to Choose the Right Pot Size for Succulents?

Sometimes, choosing the right pot size for succulents can be hard. If you are a beginner, this will cause a headache. But actually, it is pretty simple. Experts advise that a pot for succulents should be 10% larger in diameter than the succulent.

This requires measuring your succulent plants. Then base your decision on the measurement that you have. This will help you come up with the right decision in choosing the best pot for your succulents.

Aside from the size of the pot, also make sure that it has a drainage hole. A drainage hole will prevent the excess water to store at the bottom of the pot which could potentially cause root rot.

If you are a beginner, I suggest that you choose a pot with a drainage hole. This will help your succulent plants safe from overwatering.

Final Thoughts

The size of the pot will affect the growth of the succulent plants. So, can succulents grow in small pots? Yes, but only temporarily. They need to be transferred to the appropriate pot as they grow bigger. Small pots only provide limited space which restricts their growth.

Larger pots will not work well either because they do not encourage healthy growth for succulents. Instead, succulents love just the appropriate size, about 10% larger than the succulents’ size.

And most importantly, succulents love pots with drainage holes. These pots drain excess water during watering keeping the succulents safe from overwatering.


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