Can I Plant Succulents in a Glass Bowl?

Can I Plant Succulents in a Glass Bowl?
Can I Plant Succulents in a Glass Bowl?

Can I plant succulents in a glass bowl? If you are growing succulents for quite some time now, you might also have asked this question. In this post, I will share with you the answer and some tips.

As you might already know, succulents are versatile plants. They could thrive with minimal or almost no intervention from the grower.

Not only that, but succulents can also be planted in almost all types of pots provided that the pots have what it takes for these plants to grow well.

So, can you plant succulents in a glass bowl?

The answer is yes. Succulents can be planted in a glass bowl as long as we follow necessary materials and elements in order to provide the succulents with their essential needs. These plants don’t need much to survive so alternative elements to form a new environment even if it is only in a small space as a glass bowl, it is highly attainable.

Planting succulents in a bowl may be unusual to some people because we used to put it in a proper plant pot which commonly has drainage holes that allow excess water drains to the bottom of the pot.

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Proper Way of Watering Succulents in a Glass Bowl

A great way of killing succulents is to overwater them. Thus, you need to avoid overwatering. The thing you need to remember whenever water succulent is that these plants do not need too much water. They don’t like the absence of water either.

The other thing is that the soil in a bowl does not need to be saturated when you water the succulents. This plant is very capable of using or even finding the little amount of water available in the soil around its root.

Here is a proper way to water the succulents in a glass bowl to let it surely grow. At the exact time of planting succulents, you must record the weight of the bowl. Then after a few days, hold and feel if it gets any lighter. If it does compare to the first day, then its time to give a mild watering.

It is important to take note and not forget to saturate the soil, but it is fine when you purposely saturate the soil around the base because the roots will find its way to get the water. The roots of the succulents also need air as much as it needs water to sustain its growth.

DIY Succulents in a Glass Bowl

At this point, we already know that succulents are capable of thriving in the glass bowl. Now it’s time to make a “do it yourself” succulents in a glass bowl.

Nowadays, many prefer to make everything on their own, the concept of DIY. If you are one of them, then this is perfect for you.

In this section, I will share with you some of the steps you can implement to grow your own succulents in a bowl. Here are the things you need:

1) Type of Succulent

First, you need to choose the perfect succulent that can be planted in the glass bowl. Consider its textures and heights that would fit into our chosen glass bowl.

2) Choose the Perfect Glass Bowl

Choose the perfect bowl for the succulents. In my case, I always choose the simple yet elegant bowl. You might also want to choose the one that complements the color of the plant. This is a great way to maximize the aesthetic feature of the succulents.

3) Use the Best Succulent Mix

Succulents grow well when planted in the soil that provides excellent drainage and aeration. You can make this soil if you want to. It is a mix of regular potting soil, sand, and perlite.

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If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, or if you don’t have enough time to do it, you can order your succulent soil mix from online stores. You can check the soil that I am using for my succulents on Amazon.

If everything is set, you can proceed to planting. Here are the things you need:

  • Garden trowel
  • Decorative sand (white or black)
  • Small spoon and water that has been filtered
  • Craft paintbrush (if you want to make it more creative)

Here are the steps you can follow in planting succulents in a bowl:

First thing, take each succulent and put it into the bowl. Make sure that before planting the succulents the dead leaves are removed.

The next step is to set the level of the soil in relation to the height of the bowl, approximately 1cm. The main reason for this is to provide enough space left for watering later on.

Scatter the longer roots of the plant at the bottom of the bowl, and if the desired height for the soil has not been reached try to remove or add some soil as needed.

Next step, to keep the bowl clean, use a small brush to brush away the excess soil around the bowl and send it back into the middle to prevent stray soil. With gentleness and care, create a flat surface by patting the soil.

Be careful with the edges, it should be even. It is important since we could see it through by using glass bowl as container.

Then, you can now place the decorative sand. Use the small spoon to avoid dirt from the succulents.

Lastly, gradually sprinkle the leaves of the succulents to gently remove the dust or dirt.

Caring and Feeding of Succulents in a Glass Bowl

As soon as the succulents grow, the next thing that you need to pay attention to is the needs of the plants. Remember that a glass bowl is not a common habitat of the plant.

What I mean by this is that, takes extra effort to allow the plant to grow well. Succulents in a glass bowl have to be fed. You can give fertilizer at least once a month or twice in the summer season.

We could buy succulent plant food and water them with filtered small amount of water. Succulents are sun-loving plant but it does not require too much sun.

You can place your succulents in a bowl under the sun for 4-6 hours per day. I suggest every morning because soft morning light is much healthier than afternoon light.

In buying succulents, take note of the watering guidelines. You should always remember that there are approximately 60 different types of succulents and each of them has watering requirements. Some can manage watering weekly while others can live with watering even once a month.

Be mindful, take good care of your succulents! I hope this helps.


I am a university teacher by profession, researcher, blogger, and gardener.

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