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Sunburned Jade Plant

Can you treat a sunburned jade plant? In this post, I will share with you the reasons why jade plants get sunburned and how you can save them.

Jade plant is one of the most versatile succulent plants. In fact, it can tolerate neglect. However, it cannot stand against a scourging sun. It can get sunburned.

So, what can you do with a sunburned jade plant?

Well, the good news is that sunburned leaves won’t lead to the death of the whole jade plant. The quickest solution you can do to a sunburned jade plant is to move it to the shadier area to protect it from the direct sunlight and prevent further damage.

In most cases, the sunburn will not kill your plant. This usually happens when it is placed outdoor. But don’t worry, the jade plant will acclimate to the warm climate. Bear in mind that this plant is native to the warm environment in South Africa.

But surprisingly, jade plants are not tolerant of low temperatures. In fact, they cannot withstand colder environments especially indoor during winter.

The perfect place for jade plants is the shaded outdoor areas. They thrive well under a tree or covered porch.

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Things You Can Do with a Sunburned Jade Plant

As mentioned, jade plants are hardy that can withstand most environmental challenges. However, in some instances, they can be affected.

Sunburned happens when the jade plant is overexposed to the scourging sun. The most affected part is the leaves. When the leaves are burnt, don’t worry because the plant will grow new leaves. The old and burned leaves will just drop.

But in severe conditions, it needs immediate action on your part. The first thing you can do is to assess the severity of the sunburned. Does the problem only exist in the leaves, the branches, or in the main stem?

If only the leaves are sunburned, the best and the quickest thing you can do is to move the plant into the shadier area. The plant will recover itself and will go back to normal.

If the leaves and branches are sunburned, you can totally remove the affected areas. Remember that after this process, the plant should be rested to recover from the trauma or stress. So bring it to the shadier area and allow the plant to recover. At this stage, do not water the plant. Just wait until the wounds are totally dried before watering.

If the main stem is also sunburned, this means that the problem is in its most severe stage. Your jade plant must have overexposed to sunlight. The best thing you can do is to remove the affected area and treat the plant with anti-bacterial or anti-fungal substances.

As soon as you notice some signs of recovery, you can give the plant some vitamins and hormones to help it recover fast.

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Although in most cases, jade plants can still recover, in extremely severe cases though, they won’t be able to recover. So my recommendation is that as soon as you see some signs of sunburn, bring the plant indoors or in a shaded area.

Lastly, as mentioned, jade plants are not tolerant of freezing temperatures. So before the frost, they need to be transferred to an indoor space preferably near the window to allow them to experience sunlight.

Also, reduce the water you are giving and do not fertilize. During cooler seasons, jade plants and most other succulent varieties are dormant. They are not actively growing so they need fewer nutrients.

Why Is My Jade Plant Dying?

There are many reasons why a jade plant is dying. The common cause of death in this plant are overwatering, lack of sunlight exposure, and inappropriate type of soil.

1. Lack of sunlight exposure

In most cases, jade plants die indoor due to the lack of sunlight exposure. As you know, succulent plants are used in semi-desert areas. This means that they need more sunlight than other plants.

The problems become obvious when jade plants are placed indoors where sunshine is limited. So as a rule of thumb, they should be placed near the window where sunlight is accessible in the morning.

Using a grow light (check my recommended grow light on Amazon) is a great idea to supplement the sunlight need. If you are living in a place where winter happens every year, then using a grow light will help your jade plant survive.

Grow lights will help provide the heat need by the plant. Remember that jade plants are vulnerable to freezing temperatures.

2. Inappropriate soil

Another cause of death in jade plants is inappropriate soil. Remember that succulent plants need a fast-draining soil and hate the compact or the garden soil. The reason for this is that succulent plants are prone to rot if exposed or soak in water.

Compact soil tends to hold too much water and moisture something that could cause root rot. When this happens, a jade plant may die eventually.

If this is the reason why your jade plant is dying, I suggest that you repot the plant and change the soil. Get a fast-draining soil (check my recommended fast-draining soil on Amazon) and replace the old one. Before repotting, make sure that you remove all the soil on the roots of the plant.

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3. Overwatering

As mentioned several times in this post, jade plants do not want to be overwatered. In fact, overwatering is the best way to kill a succulent plant. Too much water and moisture are detrimental to any succulents.

If you notice some signs of overwatering (soggy or mushy leaves), reduce the amount of water. Also, reduce the watering frequency.

But you can easily avoid this by using a well-draining soil (like the one that I recommend above). Good succulent soil allows the excess water to drain freely leaving just enough moisture needed for the jade plant.

A fast-draining soil will not only help the draining process but also provide the plant good aeration. Succulents need soil that allows them to breathe.

Final Thought on Sunburned Jade Plant

Jade plant is one of the most versatile succulent plants. However, they are prone to sunburn if overexposed to a scourging direct sunlight.

The quickest thing you can do is to bring the plant to a shadier area. You can also place it indoor.

I hope that the tips I shared in this post will help you save your jade plant.

Thank you for reading.

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Why are my jade plants leaves turning brown?

The leaves of the jade plant can turn into brown when exposed to intense sunlight. This usually happens when you directly bring an indoor jade plant outdoor without letting the plant acclimate first.