Do Succulents Like Acidic Soil? Facts You Should Know

Do Succulents Like Acidic Soil

Do succulents like acidic soil? In this post, I will share with you whether or not succulents need acidic soil.

Many plants grow well in a soil with specific acidity level. But some don’t.

So, do succulents like acidic soil? Succulents like slightly acidic soil. In fact, most of them grow well in soil with around pH6.

Normally, most plants have a certain acidity requirement. The exact level varies across plant varieties. This is also true among succulents.

Some succulents though like and grow well on limestone soil. But most of the succulent plants don’t like it. Examples of succulent varieties that hate limestone are the Echeveria. These varieties grow well in peaty soils.

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Is the Acidity Level in Succulent Soil Important?

Personally, I don’t worry too much about the acidity level of the soil I am using for my succulents. What is important for me is the care that I am giving to my succulent plants.

The truth is, for years of growing succulents, I found no accurate pH level perfect for succulent plants. While it is true that plants don’t grow well in too much acidic soil, succulent soil mix could provide what they need.

I have been using succulent soil mix for all my succulent plants and I never encounter any problem related to the acidity of the soil.

I don’t even make my own succulent mix. I buy all of them online (check my recommended succulent soil on Amazon). But if you want, you can also make your own soil as long as you have all the required ingredients.

Remember that succulents need soil that allows the excess water to drain freely. Good succulent soil is the one that allows the plant to breathe.

Succulents do not like and grow well in compact soil. This is because compact soil holds too much water and moisture which will in turn cause root rot.

So if you are making your own soil for your succulent plants, you need to make sure that you accomplish exactly what the plants need.

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How to Make Your Own Succulent Soil?

Although I mentioned that I buy all my succulent soil online, I tried making my own before. The only problem I had was time. I am working on a regular job making it difficult for me to make the soil.

But the beauty of making your own succulent mix is that you can decide and adjust all the ingredients. Sometimes you feel that the commercial soil mixes are not coarse enough. Making your own will allow you to make what is best for your plants.

All you need to do is make sure that you have all the needed ingredients.

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Succulent Soil Ingredients

Below are the ingredients you need to make your own succulent potting soil.

1. Potting Soil

One of the ingredients is the potting soil as a base. Any all-purpose soil will do. Just make sure that it is clean and fresh. You can buy it from the nearby garden store or order it online.

When buying potting soil, make sure that it is light and porous. Remember that succulents need a fast-draining soil. A porous soil base will help achieve the perfect soil for your plants.

Never use a compact soil or any garden soil. Soil like this will absorb and hold too much water and moisture which will in turn cause root rot in your plants.

2. Coarse Sand

Another important ingredient is coarse sand. This will help make the soil mix breathable.

But you should not use beach sand. It does not provide aeration. Another problem with beach sand is that it contains minerals that are harmful to the succulent plants.

3. Perlite or Pumice

Perlite is a lightweight white organic material that looks like Styrofoam. This is a very good addition to the soil mix to make the soil porous.

Another reason why perlite is a great addition to the mix is that it does not absorb and hold too much water and moisture. It will prevent compaction of the soil making the soil fast-draining.

You can buy these materials in your nearby garden store.

Buy perlite on Amazon

Buy pumice on Amazon

It is easy to buy these materials from online stores. I like to buy all my succulent materials from Amazon though. But you can buy it anywhere.

Now that you have all the ingredients, you can begin making your own succulent soil. You only need a few supplies to do this. Below are some of them:

  • Measuring container
  • Trowel
  • Mixing container

Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy these supplies. You can always improvise.

Mixing All the Ingredients

Now it is time to mix all the ingredients. Remember that in order to make a perfect succulent soil, you have to have a good mixture of all the mentioned ingredients.

You can follow the simple recipe below:

  • Three parts of potting soil
  • Two parts of coarse sand
  • One part of perlite

Make sure that you use one measuring container for all the ingredients. A “part” therefore is a unit (measuring container) you use for all the ingredients. The key here is to use one measuring tool.

If you are using a cup for instance as the measuring container, you need 3 scoops of potting soil. Then using the same cup, add two scoops of coarse sand, and one scoop of perlite.

All the measured ingredients should be in the same mixing container. After measuring, you can simply mix the soil with a trowel. If you can, mix all the ingredients with your hand.

There you go. You have your own succulent soil mix.

Final Thoughts on Do Succulents Like Acidic Soil

Succulents need special soil. A fast-draining soil is one of the requirements. But the acidity level of the soil also matters.

Succulents grow well in slightly acidic soil. A pH6 is perfect for most succulent plants.

The best thing to consider however is the kind of care you give to your plants. I hope this helps. Thank you very much for reading.


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