Where to place Kalanchoe (Flaming Katy) in Feng Shui

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At the end of the day, we all seek balance and harmony in life. And while it is often hard attaining this ideal in our work or personal life, following the principles of Feng Shui we can at least reach it in our flat or house. Plants play a big role in this endeavor. Not only do they purify the air and add a living aspect to the otherwise “dead” walls and furniture of our meager living spaces. Plants like Kalanchoe can contribute to the right balance of light and colors, and they can even bring good luck and productivity to our life, if placed correctly in house. But where should you place Kalanchoe according to Feng Shui? And does it work? I will try to answer these questions on the following lines.

Let me start with a quick summary, before we dive into some details. According to Feng Shui, you should place Kalanchoe either in the entrance hall of your house (close to your door), or in your office or working space. Living room can also work for placement, as long as the bright red (or purple) colors of Kalanchoe flowers do not interfere in an undesirable way with the color scheme of the living room. Two places you should rather avoid are the bathroom, and also the room where you sleep. Especially placing Kalanchoe close to your bed, such as on your night desk, isn’t a good idea according to Feng Shui. Let’s have a look at some more details and things you should consider.


Feng Shui is one thing, Kalanchoe needs another

In order to benefit from a harmony Kalanchoe can bring to your house, the plant itself should thrive. Kalanchoes like full sun, or at least bright indirect sunlight (such as when you place them close to the window where sun shines on the glass for at least six hours a day). What I try to say here is that in order to light up your house with freshness of green Kalanchoe leaves, and sparkle of the famous red flowers of Flaming Katy, you cannot place your plant to some darkish corner.

That’s why you should think twice whether the placement in the entrance hall (corridor) is a good idea. Is there enough light? Will your Kalanchoe attract the visitors with its beauty, or, on the contrary, will they subconsciously feel there’s something wrong in your house when they see a semi-wilting plant? In my opinion, following the secondary placements of Kalanchoe in Feng Shui (office space, living room with an exact spot close to the window) is much better if you want to acheive desired results.


Color combination plays a big role in Feng Shui

Placement isn’t the only criteria in Feng Shui. Colors matter as well. Bright powerful red, such as the one of your Kalanchoe’s flowers, can bring a lot of energy to your home. However, with Feng Shui we never seek extremes. We seek balance. You need to balance the energy with matching colors. Different shades of yellow are a great match to the red color of Kalanchoe flowers. You can purchase succulents that flower yellow, such as Echeverias (some types), or Mammilaria cactus for example. Of course you can also get some yellow flowers in a shop and place them in a flower pot on the table of your living room or office, so they complement nicely the red flowers of your blooming Kalanchoe.

You can also try to create a different effect, however, such as a “halo effect”, when you use Kalanchoe to actually disturb the otherwise monotonous appearance of your living room and office. Maybe the place lacks some spark, it is rather monotonous in colors, and can feel even boring to the visitors. Placing a few blooming red Kalanchoes (or even just one) on the table in the center of the room, can easily add a new spark to your living or working space. It can form a central spot of attention though, so think twice whether you want your visitors to focus on this exactly.

Red and yellow combination works well both in nature and in your house. Combine blooming Kalanchoes with yellow flowers in your living room for a desired harmonious combination.

Plants can only contribute to the harmony and balance and prosperity. They won’t crate it.

It is also important to realize that while Feng Shui works, and right placement of Kalanchoe and other succulents in your house can somehow change the dynamics of the place, and how it feels to the guests, Kalanchoes (or any other plants) alone won’t help you reach the desired balance. Before anything else, you need to seek harmony within you. Once you have it, you will easily transfer it to your guests, and Kalanchoe and other plants will give you just a small helping hand… What I try to say here is that when your mind is always occupied with something, when you never stop thinking, when you carry some heavy burden on your shoulders, right placement of Kalanchoe won’t save your situation.

The same goes with prosperity. Many people believe that succulent plants are good luck in general. You place them properly and they will attract success and money to your life. That’s not how it works, however. You need hard work and discipline to become successful in your field. Sure, success is like a big puzzle, and many small details matter. Right placement of Flaming Katy can help you concentrate better in your office, or feeling more energized, and it can eventually contribute to your success and prosperity. But it is just one part of the puzzle, and certainly not the most important one. Keep it on your mind before you lose yourself in rearranging your plants at home again and again, hoping that money will start falling from the ceiling once you finally get it right…


Final thoughts on Kalanchoe and Feng Shui

Kalanchoe is a special plant with colors that can awaken desire, passion, but also negative emotions like envy and anger. According to Feng Shui, if you place it in your hall or office or living room, and if you match it with fitting colors (shades of yellow), it can add to a special harmony of your place, and impact how you and your guests feel in the room.

And while there is certainly something to the theory, you should never forget two things. First one: put the needs of your plant before the suggested placement according to Feng Shui, Vastu, or other philosophy. And secondly, to achieve anything meaningful in life, you always have to work hard. Right placement of Kalanchoe and other plants in your house can help you with concentration, but unless you put in the hours of work, the results just won’t arrive… I hope this helps, and wish you good luck with your life and plants!


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