Are Succulent Plants Good Luck?

Are Succulent Plants Good Luck
Are Succulent Plants Good Luck

Are succulents good luck plants? If you are a Chinese Feng Shui believer, you might ask the same question. In this post, I will share with you some common beliefs and scientific data. I hope this enlightens.

Succulents are popular in many parts of the world because of its unique, green and shiny leaves. They are known for their vibrant colors that could easily fit in the modern interior and exterior home designs.       

But apart from their elegant features, succulents are believed to have a positive energy that brings luck to the person who owns them.

So, are succulent plants good luck? According to Chinese Feng Shui, succulents are good luck. This means that you will reap abundance in life when you grow these plants in your home.

According to the lucky tellers and/or Feng Shui practitioners who are in to this kind of belief, a succulent plant is a great way to attract positive elements that will result in something positive too. 

However, not all succulents can bring luck according to the Feng Shui. Succulents with thorns should not be placed indoors because they bring misfortune instead of luck.

For instance, when you put the succulent plant with thorns in the kitchen area, it brings a bad taste to the food resulting in the loss of appetite.

Avoid putting thorny succulents in front of the door too because they symbolize separation between you and your loved ones. 

If you are a businessman, avoid having a succulent plant with thorns on your desk to avoid loss of clients and business partners. Also, do not put this kind of succulent to any space in the bedroom because it might bring intimacy issues. 

The good news though, is that there are succulents that bring financial success. The best succulent that attracts prosperity according to the Feng Shui is Jade Plant. Jade plant is said to be a perfect pick in with regards to financial success. 

Where to Put Jade Plant to activate Good Luck?

Feng Shui tells that the southeast direction is the wealth sector. But the east could be a better one as well in generating good luck. There are a lot of placements to include and consider in achieving and enjoying good luck because the jade plant has also different species that suit in different places. 

Many Chinese people are business-minded associated jade plant with business. Therefore, placing it next to a compartmental drawer for cash makes business more abundant.

Inside the office set it in a southeast corner to be more prosperous or put it at the entrance of the business offices. 

It is commonly believed that the east corner encourages good health for the whole family. You can place jade plants in almost corners of your home except for some locations such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Placing jade plants in these areas will flush away wealth and prosperity.

Below is the shortlist of locations in your house that you should NOT place succulents:

1. Kitchen

As mentioned, placing a succulent plant in the kitchen will result in a bad taste of food.

2. Front door

According to Feng Shui, you should not place succulents in the front door. If you do so, you are keeping away your neighbors and loved ones.

3. Office Desk

If you place succulents on your office desk, you are keeping away your clients and business partners.

4. Bedroom

If you want to achieve great intimacy with your partner, you should not place succulent in your bathroom. It brings intimacy issues.

Accordingly, what you can do with succulent plants is to place them in one location. Dedicate one place where you can put all your succulents.

This is a great option not only for superstitious beliefs but also for decorative purposes. If you have succulents that have vibrant colors, this is a great idea.

Are Succulent Plants Good Luck?

To wrap up, I want to point out here that I had not read a scientific research paper or some hard evidence that suggests so.

A pure superstitious statement won’t stand out or cannot be held true to all people. Some believe that succulents are good luck plants while others don’t.

But the reason why many people grow succulents in their homes is because these plants make them happy all the time. The joy that these plants bring make succulent growers fall in love with these plants and not with the superstition.

On a personal level, I plant succulents because they make me happy too. In fact, I have succulents in all corners of my house.

Since I had my heart attack in 2012, my plants help me a lot to feel good every day. I would say that succulents are some of those plants that make me smile.

But we all have different treatment to our plants. It is up to you how do you treat succulent plants. The most important thing is that you love what you do.

I hope you enjoy this. Thanks for reading.

If you want to learn more about succulents, feel free to check out my succulent guide.

Related Questions

What do succulents symbolize?

Succulent plants symbolize timeless love. This is because succulent plants are resilient to difficult environmental conditions. In fact, they can thrive in neglect. They don’t require much care and attention. As long they have everything they need such as appropriate sunlight, water, air, soil, and pot, they are good to go.

What do you call a person who loves succulents?

A person who loves succulents and cacti are known as cactophile

Is it OK to keep succulents at home?

Yes, it is okay to keep succulents at home. Scientifically, it was found that succulents help refresh the indoor environment by producing oxygen. They also cleanse the air and remove the toxic from the furniture and other indoor devices. So the more succulent plants you place indoor, the healthier the environment.

Are succulents good for bedroom?

As mentioned, succulents are good indoors, especially in the bedroom. These plants will help purify the air and provide you a fresh environment. Succulents that are good for bedrooms are the snake plants and aloe vera for they remove toxins in the air.


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