How Much Water Does an Aloe Plant Need?

How Much Water Does an Aloe Plant Need
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How Much Water Does an Aloe Plant Need

How much water does an aloe plant need? If you are new to growing aloe vera plants, then you might end up asking this question. In this post, let’s talk about aloe vera care tips.

Aloe vera plants are members of the succulent family. This means that they also store water in their leaves and stems which allows them to survive in drought.

However, this characteristic also makes them vulnerable to overwatering. Like other succulent species, aloe vera can be killed by overwatering.

So, how much water does an aloe vera plant need? The truth is no one can tell you the exact amount of water that aloes need. The amount of water depends on many factors such as the size of the plant and climate. The best practice however is that the soil of aloe vera plants should be soaked when watering and let dry. Watering should only take place when the soil gets completely dry.

Before watering, make sure that you check the moisture in the soil first. Aloes do not like too much water. The purpose of this is to keep the plant safe from overwatering.

Only water when the soil is completely dry. To make sure that the soil is dry, you can feel it with your finger. Stick it into the soil and see if your finger comes out clean. If so, then the soil is already dry.

The other thing you can do is to use an electronic moisture meter (click here to check my recommended moisture meter on Amazon). This is, in my opinion, the best way to check moisture in the soil.

If you do not want to spend money on electronic moisture checker, you can go back to a free alternative. The last thing you can do to make sure that you’ll know the water in the soil is by weighing the pot when the soil is dry.

The next thing you need to do is jot down the actual weight of the pot. This gives you an idea of the weight of the pot when the soil is dry. The next time you’ll want to water your aloe vera plant, check the weight of the pot first.

How Much Water Does an Aloe Plant Need?

Let’s go back to this question. Although there is no general rule on how much water you give to your aloe plants, you can use something to measure the water.

For instance, you can use a measuring cup. This works well, especially for small plants. All you need to do is to pour a cup of water into the soil of the pot and let it drains down to the bottom of the pot. Add more cups as necessary. As soon as you see water draining down, stop watering.

However, make sure that the pot has a drainage hole. The drainage hole allows the excess water to drain by keeping the aloe plant safe from overwatering. If the pot has no drainage hole, you can drill and make a hole in the bottom.

After watering, take note of the amount of water you have just given to the aloe plant. Now you have a good idea for the next watering.

When Should You Water Aloe Vera Plants?

Watering is one of the trickiest parts when caring for aloe vera plants. Too much or too little water can negatively impact their growth.

Thus, to successfully grow aloe plants, you need to understand their water needs. Aloes love dry soil but do not like to be dehydrated. They can tolerate more water as long as they do not soak in it for too long.

So, when should you water aloe vera plants? There are many recommendations you can read online on this matter. But the best time for me to water aloes is when their soil gets completely dry.

When watering, I always use the soak and dry method. This watering technique is simple. All you need to do is soak the soil of the plant and let the excess water drain through the drainage hole of the pot.

The good thing about this watering technique is that it keeps aloe vera plants from overwatering. And most importantly, this technique is effective in all sorts of succulent plants in any given season.

Since you only water aloes when the soil completely dries, watering depends on the moisture of the soil. Because there are many factors that affect the presence of moisture in the soil, the watering frequency may vary depending on the season.

In summer for instance when the surrounding is warm, aloe vera plants need more water because the moisture dries up quicker than in winter. This means that watering is more frequent in summer than in winter.

How to Keep Aloe Vera Plants Safe from Overwatering?

I already mentioned that the soak and dry watering technique keeps the aloe vera plants safe from overwatering. While it is true, there are two things you need to know in order for this watering technique to become effective.

The first one is you need to use fast-draining soil for your aloe vera plants. Soaking the soil is dangerous to aloe plants if the water is being stored in the bottom of the pot.

This commonly happens when you’re using regular garden soil. Soil like this retains too much water which will in turn cause root rot. This is the reason why I always recommend using well-draining soil. It does not only provide good drainage but also aeration to the plants.

The second requirement that will make the soak and dry watering technique work well is the use of a pot with a drainage hole.

The excess water should come out of the pot through the hole at the bottom. There should be no excess water only enough amount of moisture. This keeps the aloe vera plant safe from overwatering.

How Long Can Aloe Plants Go Without Water?

Aloe vera plants are resilient and can survive for weeks or months without water. However, it is important to note that the plants’ capability to survive in drought depends on environmental factors.

Remember that although aloes are tolerant to drought, they cannot survive without water for too long. Like other plants, they will die in the absence of water.

Final Thoughts

Like other succulent species, aloe plants need water. But how much water does an aloe plant need?

Well, there is no exact measurement and nobody can tell you the exact amount of water that aloe plants need. However, there is a correct way of watering aloe plants.

The general rule of thumb is to soak the soil with water when watering but make sure that the excess water drains. Aloes are like any other succulent plants that do not like being soak in too much water for too long. It will only cause root rot.

The soak and dry method is what I found effective for my aloe plants. It keeps aloe plants safe from overwatering. I hope that this short article gives you an idea of how to water aloe plants correctly.

How much water does an aloe plant need? Do not water your aloe plants without reading this article first. Here’s what you need to know.


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