Where to Place Jade Plant at Home?

Where to Place Jade Plant at Home
Where to Place Jade Plant at Home

Where to place a jade plant at home? If you believe in Fung Shui, you might also ask the same question. In this post, I will talk about the perfect place for jade plants.

The Jade plant is often considered as a money tree. This is a renowned plant in Chinese culture as the source of luck and money. Accordingly, the plant can be more effective in bringing more money if placed in the correct spot in the house.

So, where to place the Jade plant at home? The most common spot in the house that Jade plants are placed is in the entrance of the restaurant or house, office, and cubicle, to invite and welcome good fortune and prosperity.

According to Fung Shui, Jade plants should be placed in an east location to attract good health, family harmony, and success in the project at hand. If you want to have more wealth and luck, the plant should be placed in the southeast location.

However, there are locations in the house wherein you should not place Jade plants. Examples of those places are in the bedroom and bathroom. I don’t know exactly why Fung Shui experts said that.

But from the scientific perspective, placing jade plant in the bathroom or bedroom is actually a good idea. This is because jade plants help purify the air.

The Jade plants can thrive both indoor and outdoor. I love to place jade plants before the main door of the house. If you believe that these plants bring luck, then you might want to consider putting them in the right place.

How to Take Care of Jade Plant?

Jade plants are some of the most versatile plants you can have indoor and outdoor. They are evergreen with thick branches and thick, shiny leaves. Some have yellow-green leaves.

The best thing about jade plants is that they only need minimal care and can tolerate neglect. But this does not mean that jade plants can survive without care at all.

Like other succulent varieties, jade plants have specific needs that need to be given to them. Some of them are listed below:


Jade plants need full sun to grow healthily. This means that if you place a jade plant indoor, you need to expose it at least once a week in the sun.

If you want to have a jade plant in your home, I suggest that you choose the small ones. This will allow you to move the plant easily outside if they need sunlight. You cannot do it with bigger jade plants.


Aside from the sun requirement, jade plants also need water to thrive well. Because jade plants are hardy, they can survive an irregular watering schedule. In my jade plants, I don’t have scheduled watering. I just water them as soon as their soil dries.

Like other succulent varieties, overwatering is detrimental to jade plants. So you need to be careful not to overwater them. Too little water can also negatively affect the overall health of the plant. Some of the indicators of underwatering are falling leaves and leaf spots.

It is very important to get to know your plant very well. This is because both over and underwatering have a negative effect on jade plants.


Soil is another thing that all plants need. However, succulent plants like jade plants need special soil for them to live well. As you know, all succulents do not like compact soil. Soil like this retains too much water that will in turn cause root rot in succulent plants.

The best soil for succulents is those that can provide drainage and aeration. One of the characteristics of good succulent soil is grittiness. Gritty soil allows the excess water to just drain. It also allows the plant to breathe.

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Lastly, you need to make sure that your jade plant is planted in the right container. I recommend that you choose a pot with a drainage hole. A gritty soil night is useless if you use a pot without a hole. The excess water during watering will be just stored at the bottom of the pot.

In this case, your jade plant is in great trouble. Eventually, the roots will rot and the whole plant will die sooner or later. So make sure that the excess water drains freely from the pot.

Final Thought on Where to Place Jade Plant in Home

Frankly, you can place a jade plant anywhere in the house and enjoy the benefits of it. However, if you believe in Fung Shui, placing the Jade Plant in specific locations is a great idea.

The most common location of Jade plants to attract luck is the entrance of the house or office. As mentioned, jade plants do not only invite prosperity but also good health and family harmony. Generally, it is up to you where you place your plants indoor.

I hope this is helpful. Thank you for reading.

Related Questions

Can I put my jade plant outside?

Yes, you can plant jade plant outside. As mentioned, jade plants are versatile they can survive in outdoor environment. In winter though, it is recommended that you bring jade plants inside to avoid frosts.

Does jade plant bring good luck?

Jade plants are commonly considered as a money plant. According to Fung Sui, this plant brings luck and prosperity. In a scientific perspective, however, jade plants do a very good job of purifying the air indoor.

How do you take care of a jade plant in your house?

Jade plants indoor should be given enough sources of sunlight, right soil, water, and the right type of pot. Although jade plants are hardy succulents, they can die if over and under-watered. When watering jade plants, always consider the moisture of the soil. Only water if the soil is already dry.

Do jade plants like small pots?

Yes, jade plants like small pots. Make sure to use a pot with a drainage hole to keep the plant safe from overwatering.


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