Can Succulent Live in an Office?

Can succulent Live in an Office

Can succulent live in an office? In this post, I will share with you some facts about whether or not you can bring succulents to your office.

Some people want to bring some of their favorite succulents in their workplace. You might be one of them that’s why you are here. If so, then you stumble on the right article that will provide you important information that answer your questions.

Can succulent live in an office?

Every succulent can live anywhere as long as you provide their basic care and necessities. However, some place can’t provide these necessities.

For succulents to live in the office, keep in mind the three essential things that succulents must have to survive. Here are a few reminders:

  1. Keep the succulents on the dry side and avoid too much watering.
  2. Make sure that your pot can well drain the water.
  3. Enough light that is either artificial or natural.

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When these essential things are provided in you succulents, the chance of their survival will be high. It will increase the lives of the succulents for some time.

However, the environment in an office is different from the environment outside. The environment outside provides abundant needs of the succulent such as water and especially the sunlight. Sunlight provides essential nutrients and other elements necessary for their survival. 

Luckily, several succulents don’t need natural light or sunlight. Some plants don’t need all of the spectra of light and succulents are some of them. Low light is sufficient to provide the basic spectrums that are vital for the growth of succulents. Just keep in mind the 3 essential things mentioned above. 

The needs of the plants vary depending on the type of succulents you are growing. Listed below are the five best succulents that grow in a low light that can be placed in different offices.

5 Succulents that Can Thrive in the Office


Haworthias is an example of dwarf succulents in large genus. They look like a zebra because of the white stripes or white wart spots on their green leaves. Pups and offshoots can be seen in them when they are already mature. 

Plants like Haworthias can tolerate low and poor light conditions. This makes these plants good for office environments. 


Just like Haworthias, it is also an example of succulent plants. Though some of them grow into huge plants, some of them will remain small perfect for small office space. 

Aloes are the best for those who are just starting to grow succulents because they can survive and thrive in several conditions. They come with clusters and offshoots as baby plants. 

Aloes are the best for you if you don’t have enough time to give care compared to other type of succulents. They are easy to take care because they have a very low maintenance requirement. 


Sanseviera is one of the most common succulents. It is known for its ability to purify air in an indoor environment. It purifies the air and make it free from benzene toxins and formaldehyde that exist in the air. That’s why it is very ideal in an office have at least one of them.

They do not do well in a full sun because they need to be protected from too much sunlight. But they thrive well under the indirect sunlight.


Schlumbergera also known as tropical cacti because they are native to Brazil’s tropical rainforest. Compared to other succulents, they have different features and the way they grow. It is ideal for them to be in partial shade because they cannot tolerate direct sunlight. 

Senecio Rowleyanis

It is also known as string of pearls because of its pearl-like feature that is included in their strings. This succulent has some distinct care requirements. They must receive only very small amount of water because they are very vulnerable to rotting. Huge amount of water may cause them to rapidly rot because of the thin stems that they have. 

They also need less amount of sunlight because they are very vulnerable to sunburn when exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, this succulent is perfect in an office environment and looks best when they are hung and use for decorations for a nature-friendly workplace.

If some of your succulents are not listed here, it doesn’t mean that they are not good for office environments. It just means that some succulents might need extra care compare to the listed above. 

Remember that there many species of succulents. You can do some research and you’ll see the number of choices you have in terms of succulents for indoor spaces.

Final Thoughts on Can Succulent Live in an Office

Succulents can tolerate extreme environment conditions. They virtually don’t need so much care unlike other plants.

However, succulents too have special needs that should be given to them. Failure to do so will negatively affect their health.

For instance, succulents need just the right amount of water, sunlight, and nutrients. Excess or absence of these elements will potentially detriment their lives and life span in general.

Related Questions

Can succulents grow in an office without windows?

It depends on the type of succulents you are growing. But most succulents are indeed tolerant of low light. So they can thrive in a room without window.

Can succulents live in artificial light?

Yes, succulents can survive in artificial light. This is because artificial lightings can provide them enough light required for their growth and health. Artificial lightings could also produce similar light to what they can get from the sun.

Is office light enough for succulents?

The answer is it depends on the type of succulents you are growing in your office. Some succulents are better off left outdoor because they need more sunlight. To make sure that your succulents will thrive inside, choose the ones that do well indoors.


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