Can I Use a Bowl as a Planter for My Succulents?

Can I Use a Bowl as a Planter
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Can I Use a Bowl as a Planter

Can I use a bowl as a planter for succulents? This article is dedicated to answering this question. I hope you’ll find this helpful.

To maintain succulents’ good health for a long period of time is undeniably not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of things to consider to minimize failure. After all, you are growing a living organism.

Whether you’re a starter or a veteran at growing succulents, it is very important to keep updated with the new information that could help improve the plants.

This article gives you some of the basics in planting and growing succulents specifically about using a bowl as a succulent planter.

So, can you use a bowl as a planter for your succulents? Based on my personal experience, yes. You can definitely use a bowl as a planter. Just make sure that you’re using the right and best bowl for your succulents.

Choosing the right bowl as a succulent planter requires understanding many factors including the location where you place the plants, climate, and sometimes, budget.

If you are new to growing succulents, this might be intimidating to you. But trust me, the process and steps are so simple. It is not rocket science. By simply following some of the tips shared in this post, you’ll be okay.

Now, let’s talk about the bowl planters. How do you choose the best one for your succulents? Well, there are many factors to be considered when choosing a planter. Some of them are mentioned above.

But the one that I consider first is the material used in the planter. Planters may be made of pressed paper, husks, ceramics, terracotta, fiberglass and resin, plastics, wood, metal, and concrete.

What bowl planters should you use for succulents?

For growing small succulents, normally I use ceramics, terracotta, plastics, wood, metal, and concrete. Simply because of their durability and ability to be molded into varying sizes, depths and shapes.

Ceramic bowl planters

Ceramic bowl planters (click here to see my chosen planter on Amazon) are in between glass and clay. It is actually made of a special kind of clay processed in a certain degree of heat.

Ceramic bowls are ideal for indoor spaces for their wide variety of patterns, shapes, and colors. You don’t have to buy a new bowl though. You may go with a food bowl if you have the unused one.

Terracotta bowl planters

Terracotta bowl planters (click here to see my chosen planter on Amazon) are basically made of clay. These are the reddish-brown planters that are popular among gardeners because of their affordability and availability. They come in various sizes and shapes and can be costumed made.

However, since it is made from clay, it is less durable than ceramics, especially in cold weather. It may easily break eventually especially when handled poorly.

Plastic bowl planters

Plastic bowl planters (click here to see my chosen planter on Amazon) made of plastics are by far the cheapest of all. It is commercially made and comes in a wide variety of shapes, depths, and sizes. It may not be the real deal for growers but it is practical for starters due to its durability, affordability, and availability in the market.

You may also choose to use those ones that are designed to mimic the appearance of a terracotta bowl if it suits your taste.

Wood bowl planters

Wooden bowl planters (click here to see my chosen planter on Amazon) are, personally, the ones that look good for my succulents. Making a wooden bowl is a long process that sometimes requires machines to carve it into bowl shapes. Unlike clays, they have a natural look and can go against any weather.

These planters are pretty expensive because of the long process that it takes to be a bowl but still, its look is definitely worth it to be kept whether in or outside the house. Just a tip, old wooden bowls just like the ones used for making salads are great for this.

Metal bowl planters

The most durable planters are the ones that made of metals (click here to see my chosen planter on Amazon). They can be made of steel, iron, copper and the likes. The most common one is made of aluminum or stainless-steel which are lightweight and do not produce rust like other metals.

This makes them very durable and long-lasting. As you know, metals are malleable and this is the reason why metal bowls also have varying designs and sizes. Just like ceramics, they also can be coated with the paint depending on the style or pattern you want.

Concrete bowl planters

The last kind of bowl planter that I want to share is made of concrete (click here to see my chosen planter on Amazon). It is durable and heavy, ideal for many plants but it is not practical if you always rearrange your garden and plant locations. But it is best for protecting your plants, especially in cold weather. It is a good insulator for their roots and sturdy enough to protect it from a strong wind.

My caveat, however, is that do not expose your succulents in the concrete planter under direct sunlight. The heat may stay on the concrete thus affecting the soil and the plants.

Depending on your plant’s necessities and what’s more accessible and practical, you may choose from these different kinds of bowls. Just be reminded that bowls usually have no holes for drainage because they are essentially made for indoors. But still, you can drill holes in them.

Concrete, terracotta and wooden bowls allow water and air to enter its pores, unlike ceramics, metals, and glass. The excess water may result to root rotting. As you might already know, overwatering your succulents is one of the major problems.

In addition, succulents absorb water vapor from the air which makes a nonporous bowl not ideal for them because it lessens the air that can pass through.

Bowl planters have different characteristics depending on the materials they are made of. Metal bowls, for instance, are lightweight, movable and do not easily break. You can easily apply your decorative designs using indoor succulents with beautiful planters.

A glass bowl, on the other hand, can be easily broken. But of course, glass bowl planters have corresponding beauty that you cannot see in other planters.

Using bowl planters allows you to incorporate with wood, pebbles, soil, sand, charcoal, and moss if you’d want to. Pebbles are really helpful and may act as a drainage space to handle water at the bottom of the bowl.

Final Thoughts on Can I Use a Bowl as a Planter for Succulents

Bowl planters are good for succulents. However, you just need to be careful. This is because, depending on many factors, not all bowl planters are perfect for succulents.

So before choosing a bowl planter, try to consider the climate, season, your geographical location, the environment, etc. Some of these factors might affect your choice of the fate of your succulents.

I hope this helps. To learn more about succulents, visit my Succulent Growing Guide.

Happy planting!


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