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If you landed on this website, you probably love succulents just as I do. These versatile plants native to semi-desert areas can withstand tough conditions–extreme heat, drought, strong winds, and in some cases even snow. One can grow them almost anywhere in the world, and savor in their beauty and inner peace. Succulents can not only make your garden or house more beautiful. They also help with air purification, good smell of the house, and most importantly bring some life to the materialistic world we live in today.

Growing succulents, however, I realized one thing: While it is quite easy to grow these plants in order to make sure they won’t die, plants’ life, just like human life, should not be only about survival. If you truly care about your plants, I am sure you want them to thrive and not merely to survive.

And that’s why we run this website. Because many things come into play–watering schedule, soil selection, position of the plant, right pot for your succulents, dealing with diseases and pests, and so on and so forth. Exactly those subtle details decide whether your succulents will really thrive, and show its beauty in vivid colors and smells. And you will learn about these details on this website.

Some rules apply to all succulents, but these plants come in a lot of varieties. Some are more hardy than other, some require more water, some more sunshine, and so on. One succulent is prone to this disease whereas another one is not. We touch on all these details in the content of the website, for most common succulents such as Jade Plant, Snake plant, Burro’s Tail, Aloe Vera, Tillandsia stricta, and other, but also for less common succulents that a true succulent lover may grow in their garden or house.

At the end of the day, our goal is mostly to cover topics other websites from the niche do not cover, or they do not cover it well enough. Feel free to navigate around the website, checking different categories and information. If you aren’t sure where to start, you can check one of our popular posts:

You can also check our longest post, my ultimate guide on succulent growing, for a more general yet comprehensive information on everything related to succulent growing. That’s a good starting point especially if you are new to this field, and look forward to learn the basics, and do things well right from the start.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at admin[at]succulentsgrower[dot]com. You can also learn more about your privacy while browsing the website on our privacy policy page. I really hope that you will enjoy your time on our website, and wish you happy growing!

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