Watering Succulents After Planting: Is It Safe?

Watering Succulents After Planting
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Watering Succulents After Planting

Watering succulents after planting, is it good? In this post, let’s talk about whether it is ideal or not.

Repotting succulent plants disturb their root system. In fact, you could make some damage to it. It takes time for the roots to reestablish.

There are many things to consider during the repotting process to keep the succulent plants safe. One of which is watering.

So, is watering succulents after planting a good idea? Yes, watering succulents after planting is safe. However, it depends on the succulent variety and moisture in the soil. If the soil has enough moisture for the newly planted succulent, you may not need to water it immediately. Wait until the soil is completely dry.

The time it takes to water a newly potted or planted succulent may vary depending on the season. In warmer climates, watering a newly repotted succulent may proceed after a couple of days.

When watering newly planted or potted succulents, make sure that you water the soil deeply. Shallow watering could only trigger a weak root system. When the water only wet the surface of the pot, the roots will grow upward instead of downward.

Deep watering encourages the roots to grow downward thus building a strong root system.

Why You Should Water Your Plant After Repotting?

As mentioned, when succulents are or any plants repotted, the root system is disturbed. They will then grow new roots in their new home. Usually, this takes time.

Slowly but surely, succulents will be able to establish growth. Watering can help speeds up this process.

You might not aware of it but the roots of the plants can sense water presence in the soil. Roots grow towards the direction of the water supply. If you water the newly potted succulent, the roots will be able to sip water which will, in turn, helps the whole plant recovers.

There is one thing you need to remember when watering the newly potted succulent – the soil should be fully and deeply watered.

If you have read some of my articles on watering succulents, you might already know that I recommend the soak and dry watering technique.

Soak and dry watering is just another term for deep watering. Both means that the soil should be soaked allowing the root system to suck enough water. The same can be applied to the newly potted succulent plant.

What will happen when succulents are watered lightly? Well, it will not harm the succulent plant, but it only encourages a weak root system.

Shallow watering triggers the roots to go up instead of down resulting in a poor root system. Deep watering on the other hand encourages the roots to grow down making them strongly attached to the soil.

However, when you water the newly potted succulents, make sure that the pot has a drainage hole. If not, it can only cause root rot to the newly grown roots. You don’t want that either.

When to Water Succulents After Repotting?

I have mentioned earlier that it is a good idea to water succulents after planting or repotting. But the initial watering right after repotting may vary depending on the type of succulent you are growing.

Some succulent varieties need to be watered a week after repotting. 

If you have repotted a succulent plant into moist soil, you may refrain from watering. Let the soil completely dries before you water. Moisture is the common indicator when watering succulent plants.

This is the best way to keep your succulent plants safe from overwatering especially the newly potted ones.

Can You Water the Succulent Plant before Repotting?

Well, it won’t hurt the succulent if you water the soil before transplanting. However, I do not recommend it. It is because wet soil is hard to shake off the roots. It can only cause damage to the root system.

The good thing about not watering before the repotting process is that it makes the succulent plant thirsty. This will prevent overwatering after you repot the plant.

How Often Should I Water Newly Planted Succulents?

Many succulent growers have different recommendations on this. The common recommendation is to water newly planted succulents three times a week.

However, it is important to remember that watering frequency for succulent plants is influenced by many factors. Light and temperatures are two of the factors to consider.

In other words, the watering frequency may vary across situations. Thus, it is difficult to set the exact watering frequency.

The safest watering that I always recommend is the soak and dry method. This watering technique works well with all my succulent plants in different climate conditions.

This watering technique is simple. All you need to do is to soak the soil with water during watering. This ensures that all roots can drink.

There are only three things to remember when you use this technique. First, the excess water should drain through the drainage hole of the pot.

Second, only use a pot with a drainage hole. This keeps the succulent plants especially the newly potted ones safe from overwatering.

Lastly, water again when the soil is completely dry. Temperatures of the surroundings affect the watering frequency. In summer, for instance, the moisture in the soil dries faster compared to in winter.

This means that succulents need to be watered more frequently in summer than in winter. Since you only water when the soil is dry, the watering frequency using the soak and dry method depends on the season.

This makes this watering technique effective and safe.

Final Thoughts

Planting or repotting succulent plants is easy. However, the whole process disturbs the growth of the plants.

There are many factors that could draw a line between a successful and failing repotting process. One of which is water.

Is watering succulents after repotting safe? Yes, watering after planting succulents is a good idea. However, make sure that you do not overwater the plants.

Begin watering when the soil is completely dry. And when you do it, soak the soil with water and let the excess water drains through the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot.

Another thing to consider when repotting succulents is soil quality. Always use fast-draining soil to avoid exposing the new roots to water for too long.

Lastly, use a pot with drainage hole. This will keep succulents safe from overwatering. I hope this helps you keep your succulents healthy throughout the planting process.

If you want to learn more about growing succulents, you can visit my complete guide here.

Watering succulents after planting, is it a good idea? Do not water your newly planted succulents without reading this post. Heres’ why.


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