5 Snake Plant Benefits in the Bedroom

Snake Plant Benefits in Bedroom
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Snake Plant Benefits in Bedroom

What are the snake plant benefits in the bedroom? If you love snake plant and grow it in your house, then you might also wonder whether it benefits you. In this post, I will share with you some facts about snake plants.

The snake plant is more than an ornamental plant. It has more benefits than you may think. Needless to say that growing snake plant indoor can be helpful in many ways.

So, what are the snake plant benefits in the bedroom? One of the scientifically proven benefits of the snake plant is that it purifies the air and emits oxygen. It removes harmful chemicals such as xylene, benzene, toluene, and formaldehyde. This will help you sleep better.

These are just a few benefits of having a snake plant in the bedroom. But actually, there are more benefits of growing snake plants indoors than you might have thought of.

In this post, I will introduce to you the additional benefits in detail. If you want to learn more, just continue reading.

Snake Plant Benefits in Bedroom

As mentioned, there are several benefits you can get from growing snake plants especially in bedrooms. This is the main reason why most people love to place snake plants in their bedrooms. Below are the benefits you can get from growing snake plants.

1. Snake Plant Produces Oxygen

The study of NASA found that the snake plant is one of the best oxygen-producing plants. This means that having a snake plant in the house could help improve the indoor air quality.

This further means that having a snake plant in your bedroom allows you to enjoy good air quality while you sleep.

2. Snake Plant Produces Oxygen at Night

What is more surprising is that the snake plant continues to produce oxygen at night. Unlike other plants that only emit oxygen during the day, snake plants continue to supply oxygen day and night.

This is the second reason why it is absolutely helpful when placing snake plants in the bedroom.

3. Snake Plants Filter Harmful Airborne Chemicals

Another great benefit of growing snake plants is their ability to filter pollutants. The plant does a very good job at removing air toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, and xylene. These chemicals stem from furniture and cleaning supplies you have in your house.

Keeping a snake plant is like having a natural air purifier in your bedroom that works 24/7.

4. Snake Plant Helps Avoid Allergies

Because snake plants are natural air-purifying plants, they are helpful in combating allergies. Allergies could stem from air pollutants such as harmful chemicals from your household materials.

Having snake plants that clean air will help you avoid allergies related to air pollution.

5. Snake Plants Are Easy to Care For

Generally, succulents are low-maintenance plants. Snake plants are good examples. These plants can survive drought, low and bright sunlight. Snake plants are some of the resilient plants that are tolerant to neglect.

These benefits may convince you to grow snake plants in your bedroom too. But the next you might wonder is the number of snake plants you should be growing before you reap the benefits.

If you are interested in finding out, keep reading. I provided a short answer to this question below.

How Many Snake Plants Should Be in a Bedroom?

Because snake plants are natural air-purifier, you can put as many of these plants as you like. The more the better. Some people suggest that 6-8 snake plants will be enough to provide a person good air source in a sealed room.

When you think about it, you’ll understand how powerful snake plants are when it comes to providing oxygen. In my case though, I like to place 1-2 snake plants in the bedroom.

My main goal in doing it is to somehow purify the air in the bedroom. But it is really your choice. You can have as many snake plants if you want to.

Disadvantages of Growing Snake Plants in Bedroom

So far, we have talked about all the benefits of growing snake plants in the bedroom. But there are some negative sides to growing snake plants especially indoors.

I will share with you those disadvantages so that you’ll be able to take them into consideration.

1. Snake Plants Are Prone to Overwatering

One of the most common problems of succulent plants is their vulnerability to overwatering. And snake plant is not an exception. If exposed to too much moisture or water for too long, root rot will lead to death.

However, you can avoid this from happening by carefully choosing soil mix. The soil for snake plants should be fast-draining and provides good aeration to the plant.

This being said, avoid using regular garden soil for your snake plant. Garden soil that holds and retains too much water will cause root rot. Root rot is one of the most common issues in indoor succulents.

The main reason for this is the low temperature indoors which slows the evaporation process of the water in the soil.

Another thing you can do to avoid overwatering is to minimize the amount of water. You can do this by implementing a good watering strategy. The watering method that works well with all my succulent plants is the soak and dry method.

This watering method is so simple. All you need to do when watering is to soak the soil completely and then let the soil dries first before you water again.

But before you implement this watering strategy, make sure that you’re using a pot with a drainage hole. The combination of fast-draining soil and pot with drainage holes will keep your snake safe from overwatering.

2. Invites Insects

Another thing to consider when growing snake plants in the bedroom is insect pests. The most common insects that take refuge in snake plants are mealybugs and spider mites.

These tiny intruders will suck the sap of snake plants devouring the leaves. If not treated immediately, the plant will suffer from enormous damage.

The best remedy you can do is to dab the insects with alcohol. You can also apply some insecticides to remove them. If you do the last option, I suggest that you do it outdoor. Then leave the treated snake plant outside for a day or two to allow the chemical to subside before bringing the snake plant back to your bedroom.

Final Thought

Snake plant benefits in the bedroom can be more than what you might have thought. It is scientifically proven that snake plants do a very good job at producing oxygen and purifying the air.

Needless to say, that snake plants are a good addition to your bedroom space. These plants will help you gain better sleep and better health in general.


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