How Do Succulents Grow Best?

How Do Succulents Grow Best
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How Do Succulents Grow Best

How do succulents grow best? If you are a beginner, you might also ask the same question. In this post, I will share with you some techniques you can do to grow your succulents healthily.

Succulents are often regarded as neglect-tolerant plants but it does not mean that they can survive without care. In fact, like any plant, succulents do have needs that need to be met.

So, how do succulents grow best?

To successfully grow succulents, there are several things to consider. The truth is succulents need a specific amount of water, sunlight, temperature, and the right type of soil. The failure to provide these needs, succulents won’t grow well and definitely won’t thrive long.

You might probably hear people say that growing succulents is easy. Well, it is not entirely true. For years of growing these plants, I can say that succulents are susceptible to environmental conditions.

As mentioned, succulents need just the right amount of everything to make them grow healthily. I will share with you some of the things that growers should consider to make succulents grow best.

So, without further ado, here are the succulent growing tips:

1. Provide The Right Amount of Sunlight

When I was started growing succulents, I thought that succulents can survive under the sun. It was because I heard people say that succulents are native to semi-desert areas. Then I thought that succulents can be placed in the open area – in the direct sunlight.

However, although succulents are indeed native to semi-desert places, it does not mean that succulents can survive in the scourging sun. The truth is that succulents can get sunburned if exposed to extreme heat.

Some of the succulent varieties can survive in direct sunlight, but most of them cannot. This means that the amount of sunlight they receive should be regulated or controlled.

To help grow succulents healthily, they need to be exposed in the morning sun for about 4-6 hours. In the afternoon when the sunlight gets hot, it is a good idea to place succulent plants in shade. If not, many of the succulents can get sunburned.

2. Provide The Right Amount of Water

Succulents are unique in many ways. Unlike other plants, succulents need water but not too much. Too much water can cause root rot. Everybody would agree with me when I say that overwatering is the best way to kill succulent plants.

That said, the best strategy is to provide succulents with the right amount of water. Well, there is no one way of determining the right amount of water that succulents should receive.

But there is a right way to water succulents. My watering technique however is the soak and dry method. This watering strategy involves soaking the soil and let the excess water drain. Then water again as the soil dries.

However, this watering technique requires two things: fast-draining soil and pots with draining holes. This leads us to the next topic.

3. Plant Them in the Right Type of Soil

Another important ingredient for successful succulent growing is the right type of soil. Unlike other plants, succulents need fast-draining soil. This may be because succulents are accustomed to desert soil.

This means that succulents won’t do well in regular garden soil. Regular garden soil retains too much water which will in turn cause root rot. Also, with not well-draining soil, using a soak and dry watering method will not work. It can only detriment the health of the succulents.

4. Use the Right Type of Pot

If you are new to growing succulents, this is something that you need to know before you choose a pot for your plants. Like choosing the fast-draining soil, using a pot is also important. It draws a line between success and failure.

That said, make sure that you use the right type of succulent pot. Always go with pots with draining holes. A drainage hole helps drains the excess water during watering preventing root rot.

5. Do Not Overcrowd Them

Although succulents can be planted together to have a colorful arrangement, it is not always a good idea. Overcrowding invites insects that can potentially infect the plants.

Another reason why succulents should not be overcrowded is that they end up competing with one another for nutrients. My recommendation is to give succulents enough space to breathe. This is important to allow succulents to grow best.

6. Choose the Right Type of Succulent

Succulents are not created equal. Some succulents can grow in the extreme environment but most of them cannot. Before deciding the varieties you want to grow make sure that you pick the right one.

I recommend that you consider the environment. If you are living in hot or cold areas, you may want to choose hardy succulent plants. Many succulent types can survive extreme temperatures.

To learn more about succulents, visit my comprehensive guide.

Final Thought

Succulent plants are unique. They have some specific needs that needed to be met.

So, how do succulents grow best? Well, it all boils down to providing the succulent needs. Give them a sufficient amount of sunlight, the right amount of water, correct type of soil and pots.

There you go, you have my quick tips on helping succulents grow best. I hope this helps grow your succulent plants successfully.

Related Questions

Where do succulents grow best?

Most of the succulent varieties grow well in warm climates. Some of them can survive in extreme temperatures. But not all of them are hardy so make sure that you pick the right type of succulent for your place.

Do succulents grow better in sun or shade?

Some succulents do love the sun while others love in shade. The key here is to choose the right type of succulents. If you are living in a warm area, you might want to consider heat tolerant-succulents. In contrast, if you are living in a cold area, then pick the cold-hardy succulent type. This way you will be able to grow succulents successfully.

Can succulents survive in the shade?

Yes, succulents survive in shade. However, they still need sun exposure at least 4-6 hours a day.

Do succulents do well in direct sunlight?

Some types of succulents do well in direct sunlight. However, most of the succulent varieties do not grow well in direct sunlight. Many of them are prone to sunburn.

Can a succulent get too much sun?

No, most succulents get sunburned if exposed to too much sunlight. When the environmental temperatures are high, it is highly suggested that succulents be transferred to shade areas.


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