Are Hens and Chicks Perennials? (Answered)

Are Hens and Chicks Perennials

Are hens and chicks perennials? I receive this question pretty often from my readers. In this post, I will share with you some important facts about hens and chicks plants.

Hens and chicks are succulent plants are some of the low-maintenance plants you can have in your garden. They are also known as houseleeks.

These succulent plants are perfect for rock gardens, container gardens, and even in between cracks in stone walls.

Another great thing about hens and chicks is that they are tolerant to harsh conditions. They can survive the cold and hot climates.

So, are hens and chicks perennials? Yes, hens and chicks are perennials. These succulent plants can survive both in winter and summer. If the mother plant dies, the baby plants around it will grow.

You can grow hens and chicks both indoor and out. If you are living in an arid area, it is the perfect place for hens and chicks to grow.

These plants are also perfect for the indoor environment. They are easy to care for and can survive neglect.

How to Grow Hens and Chicks?

Unlike other succulent varieties, growing hens and chicks is easier.  On top of that, they are pretty common plants in most nurseries so you do not have difficulty finding them.

Hens and chicks love full sun making them perfect for gardens. Just make sure that they are planted in fast-draining soil. They love dry soil.

Hens and chicks also loveless water making them suitable for arid areas. They can even thrive in little soil. I can say that hens and chicks are minimalist plants.

I have been growing hens and chicks for years and found no problem with them.

For best results, using fast-draining succulent soil is always recommended. Although these plants can thrive on their own, adding a little bit of fertilizer during summer can help them to become healthier.

I recommend using liquid fertilizer. I like it because it can be easily diluted with water during watering.

You can start growing hens and chicks from baby plants or seeds. Starting with the baby plants is easy and fast.

Growing from seeds also gives you several benefits. First, you can choose the variety you want. And two, seeds are available online which you can order anytime.

If you start from seeds, you can just sow them in succulent soil and mist them a little until they are damp evenly. Keep the seeds at a warm temperature until they germinate.

If you are doing this indoor, place the seeds near the window for them to enjoy bright light.

When the new plants are established, you can then plant them in the location you’ve chosen for them.

Hens and chicks are resilient. The mother plants (hens) can thrive for about 4-6 years. The dead mother plants should be removed.

If the chicks are overcrowded, divide them and replant. This is another opportunity to multiply plants faster.

Do Hens and Chicks Survive in Winter?

Hens and chicks are hardy succulents that can survive winter. You can in fact leave them outside during the cold season.

Unlike other succulent varieties, hens and chicks are not demanding. They can thrive in almost all places with less care.

How Do You Take Care of Hens and Chicks in Winter?

Hens and chicks succulents are hardy plants. This means that they are tolerant of extreme conditions.

But if you want to make sure that the plants survive in winter, you can bring them inside.

Since these plants love bright sunlight, they need to have a good light source during winter. Of course, direct sunlight is not possible in this case.

The best thing you can do instead is use grow light (click here to check my recommended grow light on Amazon). Grow lights are designed to provide light needs for indoor plants.

Aside from grow light, you can use fluorescent. This can be the best option especially if you have a tight budget. If you do it right, it can be helpful for hens and chicks.

Do Hens and Chicks Need Sun or Shade?

Hens and chicks can survive both in full sun and in shade. In other words, you can grow in direct sunlight or in partial.

In my case though, I like hens and chicks outdoors. These plants are super easy to grow and less vulnerable to environmental conditions.

Where to Plant Hens and Chicks?

Hens and chicks can grow in succulent soil mix or in sandy soil. They can even grow in gravel and cracks in rock walls.

My recommendation though is to plant them in the succulent soil mix. This makes sure that the plants will grow and thrive.

Final Thoughts

Hens and chicks are perennials. These plants can survive in extreme environmental conditions.

They are perfect plans for both indoor outdoor. They can survive neglect too. These plants are easy to grow and multiply.

Every mother plant produces many babies which can be transplanted. If you are looking for plants that can occupy your garden fast, then the hens and chicks are the best options.

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